Associate Pastor

Part Time Associate Pastor

First Baptist Ridge Manor

34132 Ridge Manor Blvd.

Ridge Manor FL 33523



Paid Part- time Associate Pastor at FBCRM. Flexible hours to be negotiated with Pastor and the Leadership committee – with a minimum of 20 hrs required per week. Hours will include worship service attendance and participation, leadership meeting time, hospital visits, community outreach, planning and leading church fellowship activities and events, leading a discipleship group and preparation as agreed upon with the pastor.


The purpose of the position is to minister to the church family and to our community by focusing on pastoral care and community outreach in order to promote our church goal of “making disciples of Christ through a focus on spiritual formation,” meeting spiritual, emotional, and social needs in the body and our community by focusing on our church mission to “encourage every individual to love God, love one another, and love our community.”

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • Being a role- model of what it means to be a disciple of Christ, modeling genuine faith, spiritual disciplines, and good moral character.
  • Having a heart for ministering to and praying for the Church family and for our community.
  • Establish meaningful connections and relationships with church family and neighbors in the community.
  • Manage the Connect and Care ministries which focus on connecting visitors and caring for church family.
  • Plan, organize, and lead weekly visitor and family follow up including visits, phone calls, and correspondence.
  • Maintain weekly prayer list and family follow up.
  • Team with the pastor and Deacons to ensure hospital, homebound, and widow visits are performed. and maintain follow up schedule and communicate needs or updates to the church family.
  • Provide teaching in small group setting and provide preaching occasionally.

Required Qualifications:

Must be a committed follower of Christ demonstrating active membership in a Bible believing Church and agrees to abide by the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Must have documented biblical education and training. Must sense a call to ministry.

Preferred Qualifications: Bible college or seminary student, seeking mentorship opportunity in ministry. or experienced or retired minister seeking part time ministry opportunity.